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Health Insurance

Good health is your most valuable asset.

It only makes sense you have some degree of protection in case of an unforeseen illness or accident.

We are fortunate to have some of the best healthcare in the world. But quality healthcare isn’t cheap and costs continue to rise. A strong, stable health insurance policy from Statewide Insurance Group can provide that degree of protection.

Like Life Insurance, there are many personal health policies that cover about every situation imaginable. The current healthcare system is quite complex and is likely to continue that way despite recent legislation. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have a Statewide Insurance agent on your side to build the right health insurance policy for you.

  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA). This is an excellent choice to control costs by combining low cost, high deductible health insurance with a tax advantaged savings account.
  • High Deductible Plans. Consider this type of plan if you’re willing to handle routine healthcare expenses for lower premiums.
  • Co-pay Plans. This coverage offers the convenience of co-pay benefits for routine healthcare expenses with a preferred provider organization (PPO).
  • Short-term Medical. This a a low cost, temporary alternative if you are between jobs or a recent college graduate, providing coverage from 30 days up to a year.
  • Optional Benefits. Consider these benefits if you are looking to further customize your health insurance needs. These can include maternity, prescription drug and supplemental accident benefits.
  • Medicare Supplement. This supplemental insurance covers certain limitations and gaps in Medicare coverage. There are 10 levels of this coverage. Your Statewide Insurance agent can help decide which one is right for you.

"Statewide really came to the rescue when my daughter decided to drive through our living room at 30 miles per hour. After a new wall, car and sofa things are almost back to normal. My daughter will start driving again when she is 30."

Bob Smith

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