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Your home is your castle.

It’s your biggest investment, and it’s only natural you’d want to protect it. 

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Your car is your baby, your pride and joy.

Statewide Insurance Group can set you up with the right auto insurance to protect it.

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Businesses Come In All Sizes.

We'll work with you to build the ideal policy your business needs. 

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Make sure you stay afloat if you run aground.

If your life revolves around the water, nothing is more important than your boat.

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Welcome to South Carolina,
the Great State of NO WORRIES

Living and working in South Carolina shouldn’t include losing sleep over insurance. That’s why you need Statewide Insurance Group in your corner. The independent agents of Statewide Insurance Group have the experience, knowledge, and discipline to hook you or your business up with the policies that will fit you like a well-tailored suit. And that leaves you with more time for the really important things – like living your life and running your business in the great state of no worries.


Personal Insurance

This is coverage against loss as a result of injury, disability, or death. It also protects you if your property is damaged or destroyed.

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Business Insurance

Whether you're a start-up or a seasoned entrepreneur, use our handy checklist to evaluate your coverage.

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Boat Insurance

For many, our lives revolve around the water. Boats and jet skis are pretty commonplace. So is protecting them and you.

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