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General Liability

Let’s be honest. If you’re not adequately insured, you risk losing your business.

Business liability insurance is designed to protect your business if you are sued for something it did – or didn’t do – which resulted in bodily injury or property damage. It can also protect you from loss caused by products you manufacture, sell or distribute, and cover errors or omissions for professional services.

The following are terms and coverages your Statewide Insurance Group agent can recommend for your business:

  • Aggregate. This represents the most money the insurance company will pay under your policy for all claims occurring during the policy term.
  • Premises and Operations. This section provides coverage for damages from the ownership, use, or occupancy of your business premises. It also covers damages from operations performed by your business.
  • Products and Completed Operations. Your products section provides for damages from products you manufacture, sell or distribute and that result in bodily injury or property damage. The Completed Operations section covers damages occurring after your operations have been completed or abandoned, or after an item is built or installed for its intended use.
  • Medical Expense. This section pays medical expenses resulting from bodily injury caused by an accident on your business premises.
  • Advertising Injury. This coverage pays for damages caused by an advertisement that libels or slanders a person or organization, their products or services.
  • Fire Legal Liability. This section provides coverage for fire damage caused to premises rented to you if the fire is caused by your negligence.
  • Personal Injury. Coverage is provided for injury resulting from offenses such as false arrest, and malicious prosecution. Slander and libel is also provided in the policy.

"Statewide really came to the rescue when my daughter decided to drive through our living room at 30 miles per hour. After a new wall, car and sofa things are almost back to normal. My daughter will start driving again when she is 30."

Bob Smith

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