Our Committment to You

Statewide Insurance Group is committed to providing superior service at every point of contact. We want to ensure we're not just meeting, but exceeding your expectations — whether in person, on the telephone or online.

To set the standard for exemplary customer service in the insurance industry, we conduct several educational and motivational programs throughout the year, involving everyone from our President to our receptionist.

The results and awards received by Statewide Insurance show that customers are amazed with Statewide’s unvarying service levels. We take pride in the fact that our service consistently surpasses even the highest expectation of our most demanding clients.

Although we were extremely gratified that research validated our outstanding reputation for service, we know we can do even better.

To that end, we've put into action an internal, long-term initiative called Client First that incorporates service excellence standards into our everyday work responsibilities and behaviors. The bottom line is service excellence and claims satisfaction.  Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve as your insurance agent and broker.

"Statewide really came to the rescue when my daughter decided to drive through our living room at 30 miles per hour. After a new wall, car and sofa things are almost back to normal. My daughter will start driving again when she is 30."

Bob Smith

Southern Land Development

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